I know … you must think – another list that nobody needs and from which you can’t learn anything…
But, after almost 50 shows and more than 1000 songs played in this year shows, I think that I have the right to focus your attention to some albums and songs I preferred to listen during the 2001.
These lists are not here to evaluate the quality of the music we have been listening during the 2001.
If they can help you to find some music you overlooked, my aim is fulfilled. I am sure that I missed more than a few albums and songs, but I’ll fix that in future shows. Feel free to comment these lists.

Albums I preferred to listen during the 2001. without some straight order. Probably I missed something…

wilco__yankee hotel foxtrot

the white stripes__white blood cells_sftri
kid loco__kill your darlings_elektra
the detroit cobras__love, life and leaving_sftri
gorky’s zygotic mynci__how i long to feel that summer in my heart_mantra
ken stringfellow_touched_poptones
the dirtbombs__ultraglide in black_in the red
spearmint__a different lifetime_hitBACK
super furry animals__rings around the world_epic
camera obscura__biggest bluest hi-fi_andmoresound
dump__that skinny motherfucker with the high voice?_shrimper
the dears__orchestral pop noir romantique_shipbuilding records

spiritualized__let it come down_spaceman
mark lanegan__field songs_sub pop
ryan adams__gold_lost highway
mark eitzel__the invisible man_matador
steve wynn__here come the miracles_blue rose
mull historical society__loss_blanco y negro
mercury rev__all is dream_v2
the von bondies__lack of communication_sftri
papa m__whatever, mortal_domino

bill janovitz__up here_spinART
nick cave and the bad seeds__no more shall we part_mute
hope sandoval and the warm inventions__bavarian fruit bread_rough trade
the new pornographers__mass romantic_mint_2000
bonnie prince billy__ease down the road_domino/bonnie prince billy__more revery_domino
incredible moses leroy__electric pocket radio_ultimatum music
sparklehorse__it’s a wonderful life_emi
chris lee__plays and sings torch’d songs, charivari hymns and oriki blue-marches_smells like records
silver jews__bright flight_drag city/domino
arab strap__the red thread_chemical underground

evan dando__live at the brattle theatre/griffith sunset EP_modular/EMI
cinerama_john peel sessions_spinART
rufus wainwright__poses_dreamworks
jon auer__6 1/2_pattern 25
jim white__no such place_luaka bop
clem snide__the ghost of fashion_spinART
various artists__shoe fetish – tribute to shoes_not lame
clare__one night 2001_chocolat art returns
bob dylan__love & theft_columbia
natalie merchant__motherland_elektra

ron sexsmith__blue boy_spinART
snow patrol__when it’s all over we still have to clear up_jeepster
the strokes__is this it?_rough trade
ballboy__club anthems 2001_sl
lambchop__tools in the dryer_merge
whiskeytown__pneumonia_lost highway
beta band__hot shots 2_regal
the aislers set__the last match_slumberland/fortuna pop
four tet__pause_domino
paula frazer__indoor universe_birdman

utah carol__comfort for the traveller_utah carol
the posies_nice cheeckbones and a ph.d_houston party
avalanches_since i left you_xl
jason falkner_necessity:the 4-track years_spinART
low__things we lost in the fire_kranky
neko case__canadian amp_bloodshot
mogwai__rock action_southpaw/PIAS
tahiti 80__extra pieces_sony
ladytron__604_invicta hi-fi
lali puna__scary world theory_morr music

fridge__happiness_temporary residence
spoon__girls can tell_merge
kelly hogan__because it feel good_bloodshot
nick lowe__the convincer_yep roc
the coal porters__the chris hillman tribute concert_prima records
shazam__rev 9_not lame
cosmic rough riders__enjoy the melodic sunshine_poptones
the two minute miracles__volume two_teenage USA records
kings of convenience__quiet is the new loud_astralwerks

Songs I recommend (and which I played in pop depression during the 2001.) without some straight order. These songs can’t be missed…

Wilco “Ashes Of American Flags” (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

Super Furry Animals “Juxtaposed With U” (Rings Around The World_Epic)
Gillian Welch “Time: The Revelator” (Time_Acony)
Joe Henry “Stop” (Scar_Mamooth)
Flaming Lips “The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Content” (Okkie Noodling OST_white label)
Ken Stringfellow “Lover’s Hymn” (Touched_Poptones)
Belle & Sebastian “Jonathan David” (Jonathan David_Jeepster)
The Dirtbombs “If You Can Want” (Ultraglide In Black_In The Red)
Spearmint “Scottish Pop” (A Different Lifetime_hitBACK)
Camera Obscura “Eighties Fan” (Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi_Andmoresound)
Sloan “Waterfalls” (Listen to What the Man Said: Popular Artists Tribute to Paul McCartney_Oglio)
White Stripes “Hotel Yorba” (White Blood Cells_Sympathy For The Record Industry)

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci “How I Long To” (How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart_Mantra)
Dump “Pop Life” (That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice?_Shrimper)
Clearlake “Jumble Sailing” (Lido_Dusty Company)
Mercury Rev “Little Rhymes” (All Is Dream_V2)
Will Oldham “A Dream Of The Sea” (More Revery_Domino)
Stephen Malkmus “Trojan Curfew” (s/t_Matador)
Stereolab “Captain Easychord” (Sound-Dust_Elektra)
Ikara Colt “Sink Venice” (Sink Venice EP_Fantastic Plastic)
Belle And Sebastian “I’m Waking Up To Us” (I’m Waking Up To Us CDEP_Jeepster)
Hope Sandoval & Warm Inventions “Suzanne” (Bavarian Fruit Bread_Rough Trade/Sanctuary)

The Dears “Le Pauvre Chanteur (From The South Shore)” (Syrup & Gasoline Vol. 2_Grenadine)
The Flaming Stars “U Don’t Always Want What U Get” (A Walk On The Wired Side_Vinyl Japan)
Ryan Adams “La Cienga Just Smiled” (Gold_Lost Highway)
Bill Janovitz “Half A Heart” (Up Here_spinART)
Spiritualized “12 Steps” (Let It Come Down_Spaceman)
R.E.M. “Yellow River” (All The Way To Reno EP_WB)
Detroit Cobras “Shout Bama Lama” (Love, Life & Leaving_Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Gypsophile “Quand Sort Le 3” (De Lion, Les Choses_Radio Khartoum)
Nick Cave “Hallelujah” (No More Shall We Part_Mute)
Mogwai “Dial:Revenge” (Rock Action_Southpaw)

Lucinda Williams “Essence” (Essence_Lost Highway)
Melys “Chinese Whispers” (Chinese Whispers SP_Sylem Records)
Evan Dando “BA-DE-DA” US Version (Live at the Brattle Theatre/Griffith Sunset EP_Modular/EMI)
Ron Sexsmith “This Song” (Blue Boy_spinART)
Beta Band “Won” (Hot Shots II_Regal)
Mark Eitzel “Proclaim Your Joy” (Invisible Man_Matador)
The New Pornographers “Letter from an Occupant” (Mass Romantic_Mint)
Mark Lanegan “Kimiko’s Dream House” (Field Songs_Beggars Banquet)
Mull Historical Society “Mull Historical Society” (Loss_Blanco Y Negro)
Kid Loco “Gypsie Good Time” (Kill Your Darlings_Yellow)

Lambchop “Love TKO” (Tools In The Dryer_Merge)
Cotton Mather “Story Of Anna” (The Big Picture_Rainbow Quartz)
Neko Case “Andy” (Canadian Amp_Bloodshot)
The Dears “Acoustic Guitar Phase” (Orchestral Pop Romantique_Shipbuilding Records)
Steve Wynn “Sustain” (Here Come The Miracles_Blue Rose)
Cosmic Rough Riders “Revolution (In The Summertime)” (Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine_Poptones)
Arab Strap “Love Detective” (The Red Thread_Chemikal Underground)
Tahiti 80 “When The Sun (sunrise version)” (Extra Pieces_Sony)
Cosmic Rough Riders “Sometime” (Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine_Poptones)
Snow Patrol “One Night Is Not Enough” (When It’s All Over We Still Have to Clear Up_Jeepster)

Guided By Voices “Chasing Heather Crazy” (Isolation Drills_TVT)
Steve Wynn “There Will Come A Day” (Here Come The Miracles_Blue Rose)
Clem Snide “Let’s Explode” (The Ghost Of Fashion_spinART)
Incredible Moses Leroy “Beep Beep Love” (Electric Pocket Radio_Ultimatum Music)
Mark Kozelek “What’s Next To Moon” (What’s Next To Moon_Badman)
Captain Soul “Your Time” (Beat Your Crazy Head Against The…_Poptones)
Incredible Moses Leroy “1983” (Electric Pocket Radio_Ultimatum Music)
Stephen Malkmus “Jenny And The Ass-Dog” (s/t_Matador)
Tahiti 80 “A Love From Outer Space” (Extra Pieces_Sony)
Ken Stringfellow “Down Like Me” (Down Like Me EP_Poptones)

Ivy “Lucy Doesn’t Love Yoy” (Long Distance_Netwerk)
The Humming “Isn’t It Strange”
Ballboy “They’ll Hang Flags from Cranes Upon my Wedding Day” (Girls Are Better Than Boys_SL Records)
New Pornographers “Slow Descent Into Alcoholism” (Mass Romantic_Mint)
Ash “Candy” (Free All Angels_Infectious)
Future Pilot AKA “Witchi Tai To” (Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea_Geographic)
Lupine Howl “125” (125 EP_Beggars Banquet)
Ian McNabb “Open Air” (Ian McNabb_Sanctuary)
Tindersticks “Duying Slowly” (Can Our Love…_Beggars Banquet)
Paula Frazer “Mean Things” (Indoor Universe_Birdman)

Cloud Eleven “Found The Girl” (Shoe Fetish: Tribute To The Shoes_Not Lame)
Ventolin “Gloria” (Inhaler_DIY)
Hefner “A Better Man” (Alan Bean EP_Too Pure)
Ivy “Disappointed” (Long Distance_Nettwerk)
The New Pornographers “Mass Romantic” (Mass Romantic_Mint)
Beta Band “Squares” (Regal_Hot Shots II)
Moldy Peaches “Steak For Chicken” (s/t_Rough Trade)
Clearlake “I Hang On Every Word You Say” (Lido_Dusty Company)
Cinerama “Yesterday Once More” (Superman EP_Scopitone)
Incredible Moses Leroy “Anthem” (Electric Pocket Radio_Ultimatum Music)

Jon Auer “Love My Way” (6 1/2_Pattern 25)
Hamell On Trial “Choochtown” (Choochtown_Evangeline)
Mark Lanegan “One Way Street” (Field Songs_Beggars Banquet)
Pernice Brothers “7:30” (World Won’t End_Ashmont Rec.)
The Strokes “Barely Legal” (Is This It?_Rough Trade)
Sparklehorse w/PJ Harvey “Piano Fire” (It’s A Wonderful Life_Capitol)
Mull Historical Society “I Tried” (Loss_Blanco Y Negro)
Posies “Whith Those Eyes” (Nice Cheeckbones and a Ph.d_Houston Party)
Captain Soul “T-Shirt 69” (Beat Your Crazy Head Against The…_Poptones)
January “All Time” (I Heard Myself in You_Poptones)

Ryan Adams “From You to Me” (New York, New York EP_Lost Highway)
Jason Falkner “Search For Tomorrow” (Logan’s Sanctuary OST_Emperor Norton)
Hopewell “Safe As Milk” (Safe As Milk EP_Priapus)
Belle & Sebastian “Take Your Carriage Clock and Shove It” (Jinathan David EP_Jeepster)
Mark Eitzel “Can You See?” (Invisible Man_Matador)
Teenage Fanclub “Thaw Me” (Dumb Dumb Dumb EP_Sony)
Cinerama “Superman (Versión en Español)” (Superman EP_Scopitones)
Papa M “Beloved Woman” (Whatever, Mortal_Domino)
The Strokes “The Modern Age” (The Modern Age EP_Rough Trade)
The High Fidelity “Scream If You Want To Go Faster” (The Omnichord Album_Plastique Recordings)

Super Furry Animals “Run, Christian, Run!” (Rings Around The World_Epic)
Pernice Brothers “Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)” (World Won’t End_Ashmont Rec.)
Shazam “Take Me” (Rev 9 EP_Not Lame)
Jason Falkner “She’s Not The Enemy” (Necessity:the 4-track years_spinART)
Teenage Fanclub “One Thousand Lights” (Dumb, Dumb,Dumb EP_Columbia)
Pernice Brothers “She Heightened Everything” (World Won’t End_Ashmont Rec.)
Jon Auer “Perfect Size” (Perfect Size CDEP_Houston Party)
Low “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” (Last Night I Dreamt…EP)
Jon Auer “Brautiful Stranger” (6 1/2_Pattern 25)
Clare “One Night 2000” (One Night 2001_Chocolate Art Rreturns)

The Strokes “NYC Cops” (Is This It?_Rough Trade)
January “I Heard Myself In You (pt. 2)” (I Heard Myself in You_Poptones)
Four Storeys “Still Waiting”
Sparklehorse “Little Fat Baby” (It’s A Wonderful Life_Capitol)
White Stripes “I Think I Smell A Rat” (White Blood Cells_Sympathy For The Record Industry)
The Strokes “Is This It” (Is This It?_Rough Trade)
Ivy “Digging Your Scene” (Long Distance_Nettwerk)
Spoon “Everything Hits At Once” (Girls Can Tell_Merge)
The Strokes “Take It Or Leave It” (Is This It?_Rough Trade)
Stereolab “Spacemoth” (Sound-Dust_Elektra)

Ryan Adams “New York, New York” (Gold_Lost Highhway)
Kid Loco “I Can’t Let It Happen To You” (Kill Your Darlings_Yellow)
Spiritualized “I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You” (Let It Come Down_Spacemen Rec.)
Hefner “When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines” (Dead Media_Too Pure)
Detroit Cobras “Find Me A Home” (Love, Life & Leaving_SFTRI)
The Strokes “Trying Your Luck” (Is This It?_Rought Trade)
White Stripes “The Same Boy You’ve Always Know” (White Blood Cells_Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Mercury Rev “Nite & Fog” (All Is Dream_V2)
Lemon Jelly “In The Bath” (Lemonjelly.ky_XL/Beggars Banquet)
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci “Honeymoon With You” (How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart_Mantra)

Spiritualized “Do It All Over Again” (Let It Come Down_Spaceman Rec.)
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci “Stood On Gold” (How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart_Mantra)
Laura Watling “Perfect Penmanship” (Shellshock)
Francoiz Breut “Si Tu Disais” (Bella Union)
Stereolab “Canned Candies” (Captain Easychord EP_Elektra)
Silver Jews “Tennessee” (Bright Flight_Domino)
Bill Janovitz “Best Kept Secret” (Up Here_spinART)
Spiritualized “Out Of Sight” (Let It Come Down_Spaceman)
Robert Pollard “She Saw the Shadow” (TVT)
Bill Janovitz “Goodnight, Wherever You Are” (Up Here_spinART)

Detroit Cobras “Stupidity” (Love, Life & Leaving_SFTRI)
Camera Obscura “Number One Son” (Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi_Andmoresoundmusic)
The Chamber Strings “Month Of Sundays” (Month Of Sundays)
A Camp “I Can Buy You” (I Can Buy You_
Smog “Keep Some Steady Friends Around” (Rain On Lens_Drag City)
Mull Historical Society “Animal Cannabus” (Animal Cannabus CDEP_Rough Trade)
Spiritualized “Out Of Sight” (Let It Come Down_Spaceman)
Rufus Wainwright “One Man Guy” (Poses_Dreamworks)
Bob Dylan “Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee” (Love & Theft_Columbia)
Prefab Sprout “Cowboy Dreams” (Gunman and Other Stories_EMI)

Shelby Lynne “Star Broker” (Love, Shelby_Island)
Neko Case “Dreaming Man” (Canadian Amp_Bloodshot/NC)
Spiritualized “Do It All Over Again” (Let It Come Down_Spaceman)
White Stripes “Dead Leaves & Dirty Ground” (White Blood Cells_SFTRI)
Ryan Adams “Firecracker” (Gold_Lost Highway)
Hefner “Alan Bean” (Dead Media_Too Pure)
Autumn Defense “Full 5 Paces” (The Green Hour_Broadmoor Records)
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci “Can Megan” (How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart_Mantra)
Mercury Rev “Cool Waves” (Nite & Fog CDEP_V2)
Chamber Strings “Make It Through The Summer” (Month Of Sundays_Bobsled)

White Stripes “Rated X” (Hotel Yorba CDEP_SFTRI)
Kid Loco “A Little Bit Of Soul” (Kill Your Darlings_Yellow)
Matthew Sweet “Every Night” (Listen to What the Man Said: Popular Artists Tribute to Paul McCartney_Oglio)
Utah Carol “Angel” (Comfort For The Traveler_Utah Carol)
Robert Pollard “She Saw the Shadow” (TVT)
Tindersticks “Trouble Every Day” (Trouble Every Day OST)
Beachwood Sparks “By Your Side” (Once We Were Trees_Sub Pop)
Ed Harcourt “She Fells Into My Arms” (Here Be Monsters_Heavenly)
Mull Historical Society “This Is Who We Were” (Loss_Blanco Y Negro)
Neko Case “Andy” (Canadian Amp_Bloodshot/NC)

Utah Carol “Silver Space Rocket” (Comfort For The Traveler_Utah Carol)
January “Through Your Skies”(I Heard Myself in You_Poptones)
Cosmic Rough Riders “The Pain Inside” (Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine_Poptones)
Jay Farrar “Voodoo Candle”(Sebastopole)
Ikara Colt “At The Lodge” (Sink Venice EP_Fantastic Plastic)
Astrid “Modes Of Transport” (Play Dead_Fantastic Plastic)
The Von Bondies “In The Act” (Lack Of Communication_SFTRI)
Cotton Mather “Heaven Helping” (40 Watt Solution EP_Rainbow Quartz)
Christina Rosenvinge “Hunters Lullabye” (Frozen Pool_Smells Like Records)
KaitO “Succosanko” (You’ve Seen Us… You Must Have Seen Us_Fierce Panda)

Cotton Mather “40 Watt Solution” (40 Watt Solution EP_Rainbow Quartz)
Super Furry Animals “Edam Anchorman” (Rings Around The World EP_Epic)
Ladytron “He Took Her to a Movie” (604_Emperor Norton)
Belle And Sebastian “I Love My Car” (I’m Waking Up To Us CDEP_Jeepster)
Natalie Merchant “This House Is On Fire” (Motherland_Elektra)
Camera Obscura “Happy New Year” (Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi_Andmoresound)
Cotton Mather “Story Of Anna” (The Big Picture_Rainbow Quartz)
Birdie “Lift Up The Sun” (Sidewalk CDS_It)
The Tyde “The World’s Strongest Man” (Sub Pop 7”)
Sparklehorse “The Ghost In The Sky” (It’s A Wonderful Life_Jap IMP)

The Dirtbombs “Kung Fu” (Ultraglide In Black_In The Red)
The Coal Porters “Sin City” (The Chris Hillman Tribute Concert_Prima Records)
John Wolfington “Ageless Sky” (s/t_Smells like Records)
Lali Puna “Scary World Theory” (Scary World Theory_Morr music)
Bearsuit “Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck” (Sickroom Gramophonic Collective)
The Von Bondies “Cryin'” (Lack Of Communication_SFTRI)
George Harrison “Horse To The Water” (Small World Big Band: Jools Holland & His R’n’B Orchestra)
Chris Lee “On The Beach” (Plays & Sings Torch’d Songs, Charivari Hymns & Oriki Blue-Marches_Smells like Records)
Moldy Peaches “Jorge Regula” (s/t_Rough Trade)
The Two Minute Miracles “Songs For The Weekend Girls” (Volume 2_Teenage USA Rec.)

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