Featured: Stray Dogg, Damien Jurado, Jason Molina, The Men, Halftones, Linda Perhacs, William Tyler, The Marshmallow Notebooks, Barzin, Franky Silence & The Ghost Orchestra, Kodagain, Nostalgia 77…

Damien Jurado “Life Away From The Garden” (Maraqopa_Secretly Canadian)

My Morning Jacket “Hungry Heart (live)

We The People “Function Underground”
Linwood Regensburg “Love Is Where Life Begins”

Stray Dogg “Lonely Boy (live@Gun Club 2014)”

The Men “Dark Waltz”
Halftones “Bloom” (HALFTONES IS MY BAND)
Punčke “Petra Pan” (Sunčano s povremenom naoblakom)

Ej Marks “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost” (Jason Molina Tribute: Samo budi jednostavan)
Woods “Moving To The Left”

Stray Dogg “Soul (live@Gun Club 2014)

Damien Jurado “Metallic Cloud (demo)”
Spiritualized Mississippi Space Program “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)”

CFCF “Lorraine”
Linda Perhacs “Intensity”

Temples “A Question Isn’t Answered”
Teenage Exorcists “Kind of Blue”

Ferlin Husky “Living In A Trance”

Damien Jurado “Sheets (live)”

Elephant and the Moon “Don’t This Look Like The Dark” (Jason Molina Tribute: Samo budi jednostavan)

William Tyler “The Green Pastures” (LP Behold The Spirit)
The Marshmallow Notebooks “Summer”

Barzin “In The Dark You Can Love This Place”

Franky Silence & The Ghost Orchestra “She”

Kodagain “A Man”
Frankie Cosmos “Birthday Song”

John Williams “Flowers In Your Hair”

Claudine Longet “Let’s Spend The Night Together”

Nostalgia 77 “Crescent City”

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Mixcloud art by Alison Brady

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