Featured: Irena Žilić, Jason Molina, Jamie Lidell, Sufjan Stevens, Ghostpoet, Cinerama, Moussaka, Boris Milić, Bebe Na Vole, Kodagain…

Rebel Star – Ptice
Songs: Ohia – John Henry Split My Heart

Allah-Las – Stoned
Patty Griffin – Mary

Irena Žilić – By My Side (Live@Threehouse)
Jamie Lidell – Believe in Me

Psalmships featuring Mike Slo-Mo Brenner – Blue Factory Flame (Unsung – Songs: Ohia Covers Compilation)
Sufjan Stevens – All of Me Wants All of You

Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin (feat. Melanie De Biasio)
Jenny Hval – That Battle Is Over

Ela Orleans – Something Higher
Cinerama – Back A Bit… Stop

Moussaka – Ni drage ni druga (Sa Sa EP)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Cooking For Television
Punčke – Ocean

Boris Milić – 3 X Thank You Means Fuck You
Sun Kil Moon – Ali/Spinks 2

Went – Glad To See You
On Tour – Pale Blue Dress

Irena Žilić – Whatever Feels Right (live@Treehouse)
Steve Earle – Baby’s Just As Mean As Me

Bebe Na Vole – Wait for you (Time Of Great Depression)
Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves

Point Quiet – The Man I Once Was
Guy Clark – Let Him Roll

Kodagain – Memento

POP Depression #651 [09.03.2015] by Pop Depression on Mixcloud

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