Featured: Jason Isbell, Patty Grifin, Barna Howard, Iris DeMent, Amy LaVere, Nils Frahm, Hugo Race, Wim Mertens, Destroyer, Jovanović…

Sun Kil Moon – Garden Of Lavender

Belle and Sebastian – I Fought In A War

B Strane – Oštećeni
Cocteau Twins – Watchlar

Serge Gainsbourg – Je n’avais qu’un seul mot a lui dire
The Holydrug Couple – If I Could Find You (Eternity) 
Jim O’Rourke – Half Life Crisis

Jovanović – Lisabon
Mika Male – Putuješ sa mnom
Seine – Lignje

Tom Waits – Town With No Cheer
(izmenavremena) & Ivan Čkonjević – Zagrebu

Jason Isbell – The Life You Chose

Patty Griffin – All That Shines Is Not Truth
Rainy Day – Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

Barna Howard – Pull Us Back Or Wind Us Up
Chris Darrow – Albuquerque Rainbow

Natural Child – Shame Walkin’
The Gories – Can’t Catch Up With You

Destroyer – Dream Lover
The Just Kids – Nobody Knows

Wim Mertens – Earmarked

Twain – Are We In Heaven
William Fitzsimmons – Beacon

Nils Frahm – Circling

Hugo Race and The True Spirit – Bring Me Wine

Amy LaVere & Will Sexton – Lesson

Iris DeMent – Listening To Singing

POP Depression #662 [25.05.2015] by Pop Depression on Mixcloud

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