POP Depression Homebrew #844 /04-02-2019/

Featured: Bernays Propaganda, Cass McCombs, James Blake, Kai Engel, Rib, Bob Mould, Bruno Bavota, Jessica Pratt, Kodagain, ESC Life, Mekons…

Belle and Sebastian – The Stars of Track and Field
The Beach Boys – Slip on through
Emilia Sisco and Cold Diamond & Mink – Don’t Believe You Like That
Kai Engel – Downpour (Pon X)
James Blake – Power On
DJ Shadow – We Are Always Alone
Jessica Pratt – Opening Night
Nick Garrie Hamilton – the Street Musician
Kodagain – Up early to see the doctor
Liz Brasher – Air
Andrew Bird – Sisyphus
Cass McCombs – Sidewalk Bop After Suicide
David Crosby – Tamalpais High (At About 3)
Bruno Bavota – The man who chased the sea
Steve Gun – Chance
Sophia Pfister & White Buffalo Stands – Birdcage
John Trudell – Johnny Damas and Me
Rib – Bl-Un Hit
Kaytranada – Well I Bet Ya
Bernays Propaganda – Retki bilki
Bernays Propaganda – Se plašam od lugje
Bernays Propaganda – Laži me, laži me
Bernays Propaganda – Dodeka krstot ne go zgasne
Petrol – Day of Judgment
Future Punx – Want To Be Wanted
Kamaal Williams feat. Mansur Brown – Snitches Brew
Edwyn Collins – Outside
Mekons – Lawrence of California
ESC Life – Song of the weak
Bob Mould – Sunny Love Song

Artwork source schedvin

Limited time DL: 1 2 3

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