Ličnost godine: Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes/Desaparecidos/Saddle Creek…)
Connor ima samo 22 godine i već nekoliko karijera iza sebe. Čini se da svake godine postaje zreliji za bar desetak godina “normalnog” ljudskog života. Nadam se da će na sledećoj evropskoj turneji posetiti i Beograd.

Zemlja godine: Španija
Nacho Vegas, Mus, Nosoträsh, Acuarela Records, Elephant Records … Benicassim Festival … Samo su neke od ključnih stvari nove španske pop muzike. Ja sam apsolutno očaran i zatečen i ne prestajem da se divim…

Tragedija godine: neshvatljiva smrt Mary Hansen (Stereolab)

Hajlajt godine: U stvari ima ih dva – koncert Sonic Youth u Olimpiji u junu 2002. i dolazak Nine Nastasie u Beograd u septembru 2002.

Crna rupa: dolazak Roling Stonesa u Beograd na leto 2003. u organizaciji Vlade Republike Srbije i Makse Ćatovića (Komuna) sa vrlo neobičnom ulogom Ivana Ivačkovića kao čoveka koji nema nikakve veze sa organizacijom, ali mnogo voli Stonse… Ako će Vlada Srbije i ubuduće da organizuje koncerte – daj da im damo spisak pa nek’ Čeda i ekipa rade…

Izdavačka kuća godine:
Engleska etiketa Gravity Label – sa 4 fenomenalne ploče – The Vessels (s/t), Grand Drive, Will Kimborugh i Jeff Finlin – legendarni Nick Stewart je svima pokazao kako treba voditi etiketu sa nekomercijalnim izdanjima.

Queens Of The Stone Age
_Song For The Deaf_Interscope
Wilco_Yankee Hotel Foxtrot_Nonesuch
Nina Nastasia_The Blackened Air_Touch & Go
James Yorkston And The Athletes_Moving Up Country_Domino
Flaming Lips_Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots_WB
Mus_El Naval_Darla
Interpol_Turn On The Bright Lights_Matador
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead_Source Tags and Codes_Interscope
The Delgados_Hate_Mantra
Sonic Youth_Murray Street_DGC
Black Heart Procession_Amore Del Tropico_Touch & Go
the Vessels_s/t _Gravity
the Free French_Running On Batteries_hitBACK
Monica Queen_Ten Sorrowful Mysteries_Creeping Bent
Bright Eyes_Lifted or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground/A Christmas Album_Saddle Creek
Okkervil River
_Don’t Fall in Love With Everyone You See_Jagjaguwar
Godspeed You! Black Emperor_Yanqui U.X.O._Constellation Records
Saloon_(This Is) What We Call Progress_Track & Field
Sleater-Kinney_One Beat_Kill Rock Star
Etienne Charry_Aube Radieuse Serpen en flammes_Tricatel
Daryll-Ann_Trailer Tails_Excelsior
Lambchop_Is A Woman_City Slang/Treasure Chest Of The Enemy_tour only
Guitar_Sunkissed_Morr Music
Paul Westerberg_Stereo/Mono_Vagrant Records
Laura Cantrell_When The Roses Bloom Again_Shoeshine
Beck_Sea Change_Geffen
Beth Orton_Daybreaker_Heavenly
Spoon_Kill The Moonlight_Merge

Bill Wells Trio_Also In White_Domino
Aberdeen_Homesick & Happy To Be Here_Better Looking Reords
Departure Lounge_Too Late To Die Young_Bella Union
Neko Case_Blacklisted_Bloodshot Records
Norah Jones_Come Away With Me_Blue Note
Radio 4_Gotham!_City Slang
Grand Drive_See The Morning In_Gravity
Wowen Hand_s/t_16 Horsepower_Folklore_Glitterhouse
J Mascis_Free So Free_City Slang
The Books_Thought For Food_Tomlab
Jackpot_Shiny Things_Surfdog Records
Lemon Jelly_Lost Horizons_XL
Notwist_Neon Golden_City Slang
L’Altra_In the Afternoon_Aesthetics
Yo La Tengo_Sounds Of Sound Of Science_Egon
Josh Rouse_Under Cold Blue Stars_Rykodisc
derrero_Comb The Breaks_Sylem
Brendan Benson_Lapalco_V2
McLuscy_McLuscy Do Dallas_Too Pure
Max Tundra_Mastered by the Guy at the Exchange_Tigerbeat6
Schneider TM_Zoomer_City Slang
Luna_Romantica_Jet Set
Belle & Sebastian_Storytelling_Jeepster
Bobby Bare Jr_Young Criminals Starvation League_Bloodshot
Rosie Thomas_When We Were Small_Sub Pop
Mary Gauthier
_Filth & Fire_Munich
Patty Griffin_1000 Kisses_Ato
The Reindeer Section_Son Of Evil Reindeer_Bright Star
Ryan Adams_Demolition_Lost Highway
Johnny Cash_American IV: The Man Comes Around_Sony

Reissues, box sets, compilations…
Slanted & Enchanted:Luxe & Reduxe_Matador
Various Artists
_Nouvelle Vague: Pocket Radiodrops Volume One_Creeping Bent
Bob Dylan_
Live 1975_Sony
Matthew Sweet_
To Understand – The Early Recordings Of Matthew Sweet_Hip-O Records
The Blasters_
Testament – The Complete Slash Recordings_WB
Violent Femmes
_Violent Femmes_Slash/Rhino
Various Artists_A View Of Our Dreams_On A Balcony
Various Artists
_Acuarela Songs_Acuarela
Various Artists
_Live The Dream: The Second Fierce Panda Sampler_Fierce Panda
Various Artists
_Flitwick Records Compilation_Flitwick Records
The Walkabouts_Drunken soundtracks_Glitterhouse

Records from 2001. which I first played during the 2002.
Nacho Vegas_Actos Inexplicables_Limbo Star_2001
Richard Hawley_Late Night Final_Setanta_2001
The Czars_The Ugly People Vs. The Beautiful People_Bella Union_2001
meanwhile back in communist russia
_INDIAN INK_jitter 

also don’t miss …
Royal City_Alone at the Microphone_three gut records
Guided By Voices_Universal Truths & Cycles_Matador
Dan Israel & The Cultivators_Love Ain’t A Cliche_Hayden’s Ferry Records
Gemma Hayes_Night On My Side_Source
Badly Drown Boy_About The Boy OST/Have You Fed The Fish_XL
The Redd & White Stripes_Redd Blood Cells_www
Clinic_Walking With Thee_Domino
Neil Halstead_Sleeping On Roads_4AD
Lone Pigeon_Concubine Rice_Domino
Jeff Tweedy_Chelsea Walls OST_Rykodisc
my computer_Vulnerabilia_13 amp
The Polyphonic Spree_The Beginning Stages of …
Ladytron_Light & Magic_Emperor Norton
Kasey Chambers_Barricades & Brickwalls_WB
Soledad Brothers_Steal Your Soul & Dare Your Spirit To Move_Estrus
Jay Farrar_3rd Shift Grotto Slack_Artemis
Mark Eitzel_Music for Courage & Confidence_New West Records
Tahiti 80_Wallpaper For The Soul_Minty Fresh
Elvis Costello_When I Was Cruel_Island
King Kong_The Big Bang_Drag City
Richard Buckner_Impasse (Overcoat)
Amalgamated Sons Of Rest_s/t_Galaxia
Bobby Bare Jr._Young Criminals Starvation League_Bloodshot
Rosie Thomas_When We Were Small_Sub Pop
Chuch Prophet_No Other Love_New West
Peter Case_Bee Line_Vanguard
Steve Earle_Jerusalem_Artemis
Lucky Pierre_Nurse Flamingo_Hypnogogia_Melodic
Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair_Words Of Wisdom & Hope_Alternative Tentacles
Michelle Shocked_Deep Natural_Mighty Sound
Giant Sand_Covers Magazine_Thrill Jockey
Eileen Rose_Long Shot Novena_Rough Trade
Ivy_Guestroom_Minty Fresh

King Kong_Deep Blue Sky_The Big Bang_Drag City
Nina Nastasia_Ocean_The Blackened Air_Touch & Go
Queens of the Stone Age_Go With The Flow_The Song For The Deaf_Interscope
Black Heart Procession_Tropics of Love_Amore Del Tropico_Touch & Go
Saloon_Have You Seen The Light?_EP_Lane11 7” Split SP w/ Dressy Bessy
Flaming Lips_Do You Realize??_Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots_WB
the Vessels_Is My Heart (Going Out)?_s/t_Gravity
_all the records on the radio are shite_all the records.. EP_SL
the Free French_Trial Separations_Running On Batteries_hitBACK
Monica Queen_260_Ten Sorrowful Mysteries_Creeping Bent
M.A.S.S._Hey Gravity_SP
Interpol_Say Hello to the Angels_Turn On The Bright Lights_Matador
Jackpot_Far Far Far_Shiny Things_Surfdog Recods
the Delgados_Coming In From The Cold_Hate_Mantra
Mus_Embalses Y Ríos_Darla
Hurleurs w/Stuart Staples_The Other Side Of Town_Blottie
James Yorkston & Athletes_I Spy Dogs_Moving Up Country_Domino
Queens of the Stone Age_God (is on the radio)_The Song For The Deaf_Interscope
Laura Cantrell_When The Roses Bloom Again_When The Roses Bloom Again_Shoeshine
Sleater-Kinney_O2_One Beat_Kill Rock Star
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead_Relative Ways_Source Tags & Codes_Interscope
Cinerama_As If_Careless EP_Scopitone
Tindersticks_My Autumn Is Done Come_Total Lee: The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood_City Slang
Dayglo Superstars
_This Girl’s On Fire_This Girl 7”_versechorusverse
Lambchop_Haul Away Joe_Treasure Chest Of The Enemy_tour only
Neko Case_Stringing Velvet_Blacklisted_Bloodshot Records
Flaming Lips_Up Above the Daily Hum_Do You Realize?? CDS_WB
Sonic Youth_Disconnection Notice_Murray Street_DGC

Bright Eyes_Method Acting_Lifted or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground_Saddle Creek
Counting Crows_Start Again_American Girls EP_Geffen
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead_Another Morning Stoner_Interscope
Young People_Death have No Mercy_Young People_Touch & Go
the Free French_Running On Batteries_Running On Batteries_hitBACK
Spoon_The Way We Get By_Kill the Moonlight_Merge
Morcheba & Kurt Wagner_What NY Couples Fight About_Charango
The Reindeer Section_Whodunnit?_Son of evil Reindeer_Bright Star
Aberdeen_Drive_Homesick And Happy To Be Here_Better Looking Records
Luna_Black Champagne_Romantica_Jet Set
The Black Heart Procession_Did You Wonder?_Amore Del Tropico_Touch & Go
Ryan Adams_Nuclear_Demolition_Lost Highway
Lone Pigeon_Oh Catherine_Concubine Rice_Domino
Lambchop_The New Cobweb Summer_Is A Woman_City Slang
Ladytron_Seventeen (Soulwax Mix)_12” Remixes_Telstar/Invicta Hi-Fi
Daryll-Ann_Swords & Words_Trailer Tails_Excelsior
Melys_So Good_So Good EP_Sylem
Grand Drive_See The Morning In_Gravity
Wowen Hand_The Good Hand_s/t_Glitterhouse
Departure Lounge_What You Have Is Good_Too Late To Die Young_Bella Union
Beth Orton_Paris Train_Daybreaker_Heavenly
Interpol_NYC_Turn On The Bright Lights_Matador
Beck_Lost Cause_Sea Change_Geffen
Radio 4_Eyes Wide Shot_Gotham!_City Slang
Lemon Jelly_Spacewalk_Lost Horizons_XL
Josh Rouse_Feeling No Pain_Under Cold Blue Stars_Rykodisc
Belle & Sebastian_Storytelling_Storytelling_Jeepster
The Dears_Summer Of Protest_The Protest EP_tour only
Low_Fearless_Canada EP_Kranky
ballboy_Where Do The Nights of Sleep Go To When They Do Not Come To Me?_SL

Cinerama_Quick Before It Melts_Torino_Scopitone
Royal City_Bad Luck_Alone at the Microphone_three gut records
Ikara Colt_Sink Venice_Chat and Business_Fantastic Plastic
Laura Cantrell_Vaguest Idea_When The Roses Bloom Again_Shoeshine
Yeah Yeah Yeahs_Pin (remix)_Machine EP_Wichita
Low_(That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace_Trust_Kranky
Interpol_Obstacle 1_Turn On The Bright Lights_Matador
Fotomoto_Le Sport, La Musique_7” split SP w/The Workhouse
Hefner_Dark Hearted Discos_10” miniLP The Hefner Brain_Too Pure
Neko Case_Pretty Girls_Blacklisted_Bloodshot
Laura Cantrell_Too Late for Tonight_When The Roses Bloom Again_Shoeshine
Bobby Bare Jr._The Monk At The Disco_Young Criminals’ Starvation League_Bloodshot
Flaming Stars_Cash 22_Sunset & Void_Vynil Japan
McLuscy_Fuck This Band_McLuscy Do Dallas_Too Pure
KaitO_Bow Wow_Montigola Underground
Miss Black America_Miss Black America_Miss Black America 7” single
Persil_Traces of Knots_Snapcracklepop CDEP_
The Fall_Susan vs Youthclub_The Fall Vs 2003 EP
The Samurai Seven_To The nth Degree_Lucky Pierre CDEP
Tender Trap_Oh Katrina_Oh Katrina 7” single
Broken Dog_Radios_Radios 7” SP
Múm_Green Grass of Tunnel (Video Edit)_Green Grass of Tunnel EP
Bobby Bare Jr._I’ll Be Around_Young Criminals’ Starvation League_Bloodshot

songs from 2001. which I first played during the 2002.
Richard Hawley
_Something Is…!_Late Night Final_Setanta_from 2001.
the Czars_Killjoy_The Ugly People Vs. The Beautiful People_Bella Union_from 2001.
Autour De Lucie_Je Reviens_Faux Mouvement_Nettwerk_from 2001.
Nacho Vegas_El Angel Simon_Actos Inexplicables_Limbo Starr

Special thanks goes to Mostyn & Evel-Knievel

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