Featured: Califone, BC Camplight, Lael Neale, Lavinia Meijer, Tinariwen, The Gaslamp Killer & The Heliocentrics, Les Imprimés, The Saxophones, Moreish Idols, bar italia…

Rhiannon Giddens – You’re the One
Bruce Springsteen – I’ll See You in My Dreams (live Paris La Defense Arena 2023)
Janko Nilović & Lavotta Árpád – Parisian Dreams
Lael Neale – I Am The River
Moreish Idols – Green Light
The Saxophones – Boy Crazy
Les Imprimés – I’ll Never Leave
Steely Dan – Black Cow
Lee Fields – Waiting on the Sidelines
Roisin Murphy – The Universe
The Gaslamp Killer & The Heliocentrics – Brain Cell Holocaust
KAYTRAMINÉ – letstalkaboutit (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
Interpol – Passenger (Jeff Parker Interpolation)
Tinariwen – Arajghiyine (ft. Daniel Lanois)
Queens Of The Stone Age – Emotion Sickness
Bruiser and Bicycle – Aerial Shipyards
Genesis Owusu – Leaving The Light
Avalon Emerson – Sandrail Silhouette
Killer Mike & Eryn Allen Kane – MOTHERLESS (Single Version)
ANOHNI And The Johnsons – It Must Change
Lavinia Meijer – Sun
Modern Cosmology – Trauma Release Makes Free
BC Camplight – It Never Rains In Manchester
Califone – comedy
Graham Nash – When It Comes To You
Maple Glider – Don’t Kiss Me
Rob Moose – Wasted (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)
Julie Byrne – The Greater Wings
Youth Lagoon – The Sling
bar italia – changer
Blur – The Narcissist

mixcloud artwork from The Diplomat S01

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