Featured: Jason Molina, Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co.

Veliki prezir “Da” (Svetlost i dim EP)

Magnolia Electric Co. “Just Be Simple (Live in Belgrade 2005)

Songs: Ohia “Being in Love” (The Lioness_Secretly Canadian)
Johnny Cash “Let the Lower Lights Be Burning” (Unearthed Vol. 4 My Mother’s Hymn Book)”

Songs: Ohia “Almost Was Good Enough” (Magnolia Electric Co._Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia “Captain Badass” (Axxess & Ace_Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia “The Body Burned Away” (Ghost Tropic
Songs: Ohia “Soul” (Nor Cease Thou Never Now… 7″)
Songs: Ohia “Lioness” (The Lioness_Secretly Canadian)

Magnolia Electric Co. “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost” (Live in Belgrade 2005)

Magnolia Electric Co. “Leave The City” (Trials & Errors_Secretly Canadian)

Songs: Ohia “Coxcomb Red (Joe Beats Remix)” (Joe Beats – Indie Rock Blues)

Magnolia Electric Co. “O! Grace” (Josephine_Secretly Canadian)

Magnolia Electric Co. “The Dark Don’t Hide It” (Live in Belgrade
Magnolia Electric Co. “Talk To Me Devil, Again” (Fading Trails_Secretly Canadian)

Songs: Ohia “Tigress” (The Lioness_Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia “The Rules of Absence” (Impala_Secretly Canadian)
Jason Molina “Red Comet Dust” (Pyramid Electric Co._Secretly Canadian)

Magnolia Electric Co. “Little Sad Eyes” (Josephine_Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia “Hot Black Silk” (Axxess & Ace_Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia “Down The Wrong Road Both Ways” (Nashville Moon_Secretly Canadian)

Songs: Ohia “Back on Top” (The Lioness_Secretly Canadian)

Songs: Ohia “Farewell Transmission” (Magnolia Electric Co._Secretly Canadian)

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