Bob Dylan “Sign On the Window (With Orchestral Overdubs, New Morning)” (Another Self Portrait)

Laura Cantrell “Barely Said a Thing” (No Way There from Here)
Howe Gelb “Unforgivable” (The Coincidentalist)

Euros Childs “Tete a Tete” (Situation Comedy)
Lovely Quinces “Mr Lovely Boy” (No Room For Us EP)

Efterklang “Mirror Mirror” (Magic Chairs)
Ti “Ja tebe nemam” (Koliko dana)
Efterklang “Black Summer” (Piramida)

Grizzly Bear “Listen and Wait” (Shields)
(izmenavremena) “Senke (uživo u CK13)” (Snimke iz sobe)
Elephant and the Moon “The Good Life” (The Good Life single)

Nicole Atkins “Red Ropes” (Slow Phaser)
Anna Calvi “Love of My Life” (One Breath)

Frog Eyes “Seven Daughters” (Carey’s Cold Spring)
Kodagain “Eerie Earworm”

Julia Holter “Coyotes Of The Canyon”

Gil Scott-Heron “Free Will (Alt Take 1)” (The World Needs Changing: Street Funk & Jazz Grooves 1967-1976)
Matthew E. White “Eyes Like The Rest” (Outer Face EP)

Neil Young and Crazy Horse “Pardon My Heart” (Zuma_Reprise)
Mark Lanegan “Solitaire (live Belgrade 2013)”
Jason Molina “Being in Love (live)” (live Columbia SC 1999)

Dinosaur Jr. “Take a Run at the Sun” (Take a Run at the Sun)
The Excitements “Keep It To Yourself” (Sometimes Too Much Is Not Enough)

Shelby Lynne “Call Me Up” (Thanks EP_Everso)
Wooden Ambulance “River Sand” (River Sand)

Daniel Bachman “Sarah Ann”
David Dondero “This Guitar (guitar version)” (This Guitar)
Jason Isbell “Flying Over Water (live)” (Big Light Studio  10/24/2013)

The Marshmallow Notebooks “Advice” (The Marshmallow Notebooks)

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mixcloud art MG_5790 (by seaembraces)

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