Featured: Ana Ćurčin – words and music, Antony, Ilija Ludvig, Wooden Ambulance, Consecration, Ti, Damien Jurado, Went, Kodagain, Stray Dogg, No Joy…

Queens Of The Stone Age “The Vampyre Of Time And Memory” (…Like Clockwork_Matador)

Interview with Ana Ćurčin
Ana Ćurčin “Cut Loose”
Ana Čurčin “I Can’t (live)” (Live ANF 2013@ DOB)
Ana Čurčin “Alone (live)” (Live ANF 2013@ DOB)
Ana Čurčin “Remain Calm (live)” (Live ANF 2013@ DOB)

Morphine “Let’s Take a Trip Together” (Cure For Pain_Rykodisc)

Beck “Midnite Vultures” (Nicotine & Gravy EP)
Efterklang “Dreams Today (live)” (Live Gun Club 09-11-2013)
Antony “Angel On Fire” (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

Ika “If I’m Waiting” (Pesme ispod pokrivača)
Nina Simone “Baltimore” (Baltimore)

My Morning Jacket “Ready To Be Called On” (VA – Dallas Buyers Club – Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)
Went “Short Term Memory”

Ilija Ludvig “Coney Island Baby (live)” (Live @ Gun Club 17-11-2013)
Ed Askew “Rodeo Rose” (For The World_Tin Angel Records)
Stray Dogg “What Could Have Been”

Kodagain “A Woman with 12 Fingers”

Wooden Ambulance “Dishonest (live)” (Live @ Gun Club 17-11-2013)

Ti “Roll The Dice” (OST Roll the Dice)
No Joy “Last Boss” (Pastel And Pass Out EP)

Consecration “Prolaz” (Univerzum Zna)

Damien Jurado “Silver Timothy” (Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son_Secretly Canadian)

[mixcloud width=”480″ height=”480″ iframe=”true” playlist=”false” ]http://www.mixcloud.com/popdepression/pop-depression-590-18112013/[/mixcloud]

mixcloud art:
jannix1: This was taken during a 2005 visit to Venice. It hadn’t snowed there in 15 years. It was beautiful! (via the-sensible-heart)

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