Featured: Belle and Sebastian, Jamey Johnson, The Waterboys, Mini Mansions, Ryley Walker, Luke Redfield, Father John Misty, Sam Prekop, Ika…

Lynard Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone

Rebel Star – Zovem/Leto (live@DOB 2014)
Belle and Sebastian – A Politician’s Silence
The Waterboys – The Girl Who Slept for Scotland

Etta James – Prisoner of Love
Ana Ćurčin – Keep Quiet (demo)
Kodagain – I’ve got a car

Natalie Prass – My Baby Don’t Understand Me
Mini Mansions – Any Emotions (ft. Brian Wilson)

Mark Lanegan Band – Torn Red Heart (Moby Remix)
Sam Prekop – Weather Vane
Ika – We’re electric

Melanie De Biasio – A Stomach Is Burning

Kyle Fosburgh — The Great North American Wilderness
Jamey Johnson – Alabama Pines
Ryley Walker – Primrose Green

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band — When You Smile (Dream Syndicate)
Wooden Ambulance – Allowance

Straight Mickey and the Boyz – Crv
VVhile – Pilot

Moon Duo – Slow Down Low

Bonnie Prince Billy – Will You Miss Me (Fogged Clarity Session)

Ryan Adams – No Shadow
Father John Misty – The Ideal Husband

Luke Redfield – Keep Working on Love

POP Depression #644 [19.01.2015] by Pop Depression on Mixcloud

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