POP Depression Radio Show #678 /12-10-2015/

Featured: Stray Dogg, predstavljanje albuma “Come Along Wind” – gost u studiju Dukat Strajnić, Low, Alasdair Roberts…

The The – Love Is Stronger Than Death

Dukat & Ivan @PD

Dukat & Ivan @PD

Low – Gentle

Stray Dogg – “Come Along Wind”
Stray Dogg – Away
Stray Dogg – Blind Love
Stray Dogg – What Could Have Been
Stray Dogg – Chance
Stray Dogg – Dare Not
Stray Dogg – Till You’re Forgotten
Stray Dogg – Come Along Wind

Ryley Walker – Sweet Satisfaction

Alasdair Roberts – Roomful of Relics
Wystan Whitman & Ivan Čkonjević – Just Get Up (Torino)
Alasdair Roberts – Gave The Green Blessing

POP Depression #678 [12.10.2015] by Pop Depression on Mixcloud

mixcloud art source: Flickr / nakedcountry, via captain-falls)

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