Featured: Consecration, Triko, VVhile, Mark Lanegan, Blonde Redhead, Califone, Will Johnson, Chicano Batman, Nadia Reed, Manu Delago…

Pink Floyd – Time
Chris Weeks – Bloodstream
Mark Lanegan – Beehive
Triko – Tremolo (dBox session)
VVhile – Honey Honey (Live Studio 6)
Consecration – U Karkosi (Wave Studio sessions)
Novembar i Nikola Vranjković – Magla
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Melody’s Actual Echo Chamber
Feist – The Undiscovered First
Blonde Redhead – Where Your Mind Wants to Go
Califone – Comedy
Tobin Sprout – To Wake up June
Sunny & The Sunliners – Should I Take You Home
Dope Lemon – Lovers Left To Die
Chicano Batman – Run
Tom Adams – Sparks
Will Johnson – Milaak
Joan Shelley – Wild Indifference
Knife In Thw Water – Sex Change
Natalie Hemby – This Town Still Talks About You
Molly Burch – Downhearted
Sharon Van Etten – The End of the World
Manu Delago – Between Oil and Water (feat. Erik Truffaz)
Holly Throsby – Going To The Sea
Bill MacKay – Aster Kodagain – Ashes Of Life
Nadia Reed – The Way It Goes
Jens Lekman – How Can I Tell Him

mixcloud art source uhohmartyFishermen load their catch of sardines into crates on the Adriatic Sea, 1970 (via simba-vb)

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