Featured: Michael Chapman, Jasna Jovićević Sextet, Makaya McCraven, Peter Broderick, Autopark, Kodagain, Mocky, Mary May, Sophia Pfister, Weird Fishes, Jonathan, Zvuk ulice, Max Richter, Ivica, Šumski, Stray Dogg, Klinika Denisa Kataneca, Bebe na Vole…

David Byrne – Dog’s Mind
Fantastic Something – If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain)
Weird Fishes – Over & Out
Autopark – Traže te
Guadalupe Plata – Lo Mataron
Nicola Cruz – Siete
Klinika Denisa Kataneca – Rode
Kodagain – From an open door
Makaya McCraven – Butterss’s (feat. Anna Butterss)
Jasna Jovićević Sextet – Ram Runs Through the Veins
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – By Your Side
Karen O – Anti-Lullaby
Max Richter – In Spite Of All
Peter Broderick – You Are My Love
Sebastian Plano – Purples
Bryan Ferry – Reason or Rhyme
Earl Sweatshirt – Ontheway! (feat. Standing On The Corner)
Rube Gallagher – Searching
Mary May – Never Fixed Nobody
Mary Lattimore – Mary You Were Wrong
Šumski – Prijatelji se sele na selo
Stray Dogg – Worried Mind
Bebe na Vole – You Don’t Love Me
Michael Chapman – After All This Time (feat. Bridget St. John)
Mocky – Howlin’ At The Moon
Ivica – Izvan okeana
Herman Dune – Baby’s Got a Fancy See-Through Hat
Sophia Pfister – Drifting
Jonathan – I Don’t Mind (feat. Lovely Quinces)
Zvuk ulice – Tigar od papira

mixcloud artwork (Source: emilyoberg, via hotphotography)

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