Featured: Wolf Parade, 21 vek, Bebi Dol & Spejs Noksi, Autopark, Galatheia & Lepi Xhoni, Nađa Vračarić, Kodagain, Pikolomini, Drive-by Truckers, Black Lips…

Erykah Badu – Time’s A Wastin’
Jose James – I Need Your Love (feat. Ledisi and Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah)
Winston Curtis – Be thankful for what you’ve got
Tame Impala – Lost In Yesterday
Bebi Dol – Zmaj (Spejs Noksi rimeks)
Autopark – Nije moja stvar
Caroline Rose – Feel The Way I Want
Galatheia & Lepi Xhoni – Razumna Mladost
Holy Hive – Ice Dreaming (Less Is More Mix)
Moses Sumney – Me in 20 Years
Wolf Parade – Julia Take Your Man Home
Destroyer – Cue Synthesizer
Jonathan Wilson – In Heaven Making Love
Jenny Lewis & Habib Koite – Under The Supermoon
Frazey Ford – Azad
Laura Cantrell – When The Roses Bloom Again (John Peel Session)
Grace Cummings – Sleep
Norma Tanega – You’re Dead
Nađa Vračarić – Pastiche
Kodagain – Would she, could she ever forgive him for having concealed his miserable past from her
Scott Walker – The Lady Came From Baltimore
Black Lips – Rumbler
Pete Molinari – Please Mrs. Jones
Drive-by Truckers – Grievance Merchants
Deap Vally – Home Thru Hell
21 vek – Crveni štitovi
XTC – Life Begins at the Hop
Pikolomini – Kopile
The Jam – The Butterfly Collector
Blonde Redhead – In Particular

Limited time DL: 1 2

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