Featured: Efterklang, Ti, Wooden Ambulance, Emily Jane White, Marissa Nadler, Joe Henry, Howe Gelb, Snowblind, Grizzly Bear, Darkside, No Joy…

Efterklang “Black Summer (live Belgrade 2013)”
Ti “Vidimo se (live)”

Tennis “Cured of Youth ” (Small Sound)
Cate Le Bon “I Can’t Help You” (Mug Museum)

No Joy “Second Spine” (Pastel And Pass Out)

Darkside “Metatron” (Psychic)
Morphine “In Spite of Me” (Cure for Pain)
Vetiver and Vashti Bunyan “Sleep A Million Years” (Thing Of The Past)

Antony & The Johnsons “Spiralling” (I Am A Bird Now_Secretly Canadian)
Marissa Nadler “Dead City Emily” (July)

Mark Lanegan “On Jesus Program (live)”

Drive-By Truckers “A World Of Hurt” (A Blessing And A Curse )

Wooden Ambulance “Bucket of Tears” (River Sand)
Ilija Ludvig “Its Only Love” (No Money)

Howe Gelb “Triangulate” (The Coincidentalist)

Grizzly Bear “Taken Down (Marfa Demo)” (Shields: B-Sides)
Emily Jane White ft. Marissa Nadler “Faster Than the Devil” (Blood / Lines)
Snowblind “Porcelain”

Nitin Sawhney “I Ask You (Feat. Joss Stone)” (Onezero)
Jeremiah Jae “Fun” (Dirty Collections Vol. 1)

R.L. Burnside “Got Messed Up” (Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down)

Daniel Bachman “Jesus I’m a Sinner” (Jesus I’m a Sinner)
Jeremy Jay “Graveyard Shift”

Young Galaxy “Talk to Her (bonus)” (Ultramarine)

Emily Jane White “Keely” (Blood / Lines)

The Afghan Whigs “Night by Candlelight” (Black Love)

Wooden Ambulance “Words of Weight” (River Sand)

Joe Henry “Aura Lee” (Divided & United: The Songs of the Civil War)

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mixcloud art via Sunday’s autumn walk; Part 1 – Blog: Noukka Signe

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